Specialised sustainability communication

How we work

Ogilvyearth helps brands identify their own role and opportunity within the sustainable economy, and then extract the value that lies within by guiding them on the path to facilitate that change.

We work collaboratively. And use a set of proprietary tools and processes to ensure that we are extracting the full value of sustainability for our clients, in an honest and transparent way.

Synergy, authenticity, relevance, vision and collaboration are the pillars of our sustainability brand strategy. Together, they ensure we avoid the pitfalls of “greenwashing.”

We’ve created a suite of tools, because real change does not come about from simply talking about it.
It comes from a thoughtful reexamination of your business and where you want it to be. Our tools help brands look at their business through a new and relevant lens, helping identify the opportunities, changes and direction that make the most sense for them– because, to become a real leader, sustainability must be inherent in how you run your business

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every day.

Here are just a few of the proprietary tools and processes we offer those who are ready to lead.

Stakeholder Survey

Collects, analyzes and synthesizes perspectives on sustainability goals, possibilities and realities, according to key stakeholders within the participating brand. This series of in-depth interviews leads to key insights and ideas that already exist in a company’s operations and culture. Often, the answers to big questions are hidden just below the surface.

Landscape Audit

By analyzing both online and offline news, information and cultural cues, we create a snapshot of sustainability as it relates to a particular industry or niche. Data can provide insight into what is being said or talked about in that industry or niche on a regional or global level, and can also provide a summary of what journalists, competitors, and environmental advocates are saying about the category and sustainability.

The Lab

A living library of the world’s greatest thinkers on sustainability. Full-day Lab immersions include client and agency access to members of the Lab for workshops focused on defining a sustainability vision, a messaging platform, new product development, potential partnerships, packaging ideas and more. And there is no limit on ideation for the session other than a strict adherence to what is right and relevant for a brand. A day with the Lab sparks creativity and imagination and is one of the most empowering things you can do.

Three Pillars Employee Survey

A sophisticated tool used to engage the organisation’s employees around the economic, social and environmental actions and reputation of a business. Reports provide a detailed review of the perceived positioning and then guide a subsequent communications strategy.